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  • A Social Layer for the Internet

    Welcome to a world where you can earn money and clout by voting on content all over the web.

    • Rate anything on any site. If others agree, you earn.

    • Color codes help you identify what you'll like.

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    • Why Yup

      Reflecting True Social Capital

      Online social capital is powerful, but it's hard to measure and easy to manipulate, leading to fake news and Fyre festivals. Yup reflects what people really think by building an economy around it.

      Monetizing Judgement

      Our tastes and opinions drive consumer behavior, but we don't get paid for this influence. Over 90% of young adults say online reviews affect their purchasing decisions, but only 1/2 are accurate and < 1% are monetized. Yup rewards you for respected opinions, growing your clout in the process.


    A Universal Feed

    See what you and your friends care about. Our new web app curates humanity's favorite content into one platform with unique feeds just for you.

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    • How it Works

      You upvote/downvote anything on the web (cat photos, hipster cafes, viral videos, politically incorrect tweets, and even other users). If others vote like you on the same things, you'll earn YUP tokens, which you can redeem for money or hold to grow your Influence. More YUP means more Influence, increasing your vote's value and future rewards. Learn More

      Where does the money come from?

      Yup runs on top of the Yup Protocol, a blockchain-based system that no one owns. It mints new YUP tokens daily, measures the Influence of voters, and then distributes new YUP to content that gets voted on.

    About Us

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      Zoia Kozakov


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      Vernon Johnson

      Co-Founder, CTO

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      Sean Rosenberg


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      Nir Kabessa

      Co-Founder, CEO

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      Jaya Subrahmanyan

      Software Engineer

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      Sam Hatem

      Software Engineer

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      Liam Donohue

      Head of Strategy