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  • Web3 Social

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    Yup works everywhere. Get the best of Twitter, Farcaster, Lens, NFTs, and more in one feed. Use our overlays on integrated platforms.

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    Get the best of web3 social. On your phone. In one feed. No more multitasking across apps and tabs. No more shills, bots, and trolls getting in the way. Scroll smarter, not harder.

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    Feeds are a culmination of the internet's best content, curated by the Yup community. Find the smartest tweets, the best Farcaster casts, the greatest posts from Lens Protocol, and more - all in one place.

  • Create Bookmarks

    Curate everything

    Just right-click to bookmark anything across the web. Bookmarks are the best way to curate and share whatever you're into, whether it's NFTs, think pieces, or 70s mob movies.

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